How to Become a Valuable Volunteer

If you decide to get involved with a volunteer program, your goal is to make a difference. You recognize your potential to offer and give back something valuable, which is what eventually led you to do volunteer work. Before you choose to book a volunteer Bali program, or any destination across the world, it is important to consider how you can make the difference you want.

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Volunteering is not easy. Every community is different. Therefore, even if you come in with a certain set of expectations, you will still be caught by surprise. There are also a combination of political, social and economic challenges that make your volunteer work more difficult than it already is.

Check out some tips below before you go volunteering in India, Bali or some other third world countries. You need these tips in order to align your goals with the community you wish to serve to make your volunteer Bali effort worthwhile:

List down your skills and experiences. As a volunteer, you will be most effective if you have a clear sense of what you are good at and what you can bring to the table. It does not matter if you volunteer in India or in Bali, your ability to contribute is what matters. In the world of volunteer programs, even the small stuff counts too.

Always keep an open mind. One of the factors that could impede a volunteer from being effective is their inability to keep an open mind. It is completely acceptable to go through a certain phase of culture shock. However, you need to have an idea of what to expect even before you arrive to your country of destination. Your focus when volunteering should be towards meeting the needs of the locals. You should therefore focus on immersing yourself in their community in order to better create that change.

Do your research in advance. As part of your preparation, you need to do a research of the country you are going to volunteer for. There are several volunteering India programs out there and if you happen to be a part of them, then you should learn what you can about India. It might also be important to do some research on the specific community you are going to be living in.

Adapt to the difference in culture. One of the biggest challenges of volunteering is how well you can adapt to the difference in culture, most especially in terms of the work culture.

Bring the experience home… or to your next volunteer effort. A lot of volunteer programs are in dire need of support and funds. Hence, help whatever you can to spread the word about these volunteer programs to get more people involved. This small act can in turn become a huge difference in an effort to help out a community in Indonesia, India or elsewhere in the world.

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